Entrust enhances its multifactor authentication platform

For organizations deploying multifactor authentication solutions for consumer or enterprise use, a key consideration is end-user management in diverse environments. Entrust improved the Entrust IdentityGuard platform with enhanced self-service capabilities, including the Entrust eGrid, an innovative approach to delivering strong second-factor authentication without deploying a physical device.

Entrust’s eGrid cards represent a new element to our dynamic multifactor authentication solutions. The advanced soft-grid format enables organizations to implement strong authentication without requiring end-users to carry expensive third-party hardware tokens.

Supporting a range of formats, including Adobe PDF, graphic or text, the eGrid is a highly usable and cost-effective way of delivering strong authentication. The solution also includes the ability to increase protection on PDF grids, leveraging Adobe’s rights-management features, including password-based encryption, providing increased security on a highly deployable form factor.

Entrust IdentityGuard easily integrates into an organizations IT environment to protect critical assets. This includes new enhanced self-service capabilities, which provide streamlined enrollment of new users, a critical process for both enterprise and consumer-based deployments. The solution includes self-service management of existing users, providing Web-based management for activities like resetting passwords, changing question and answers, or activating a one-time-passcode token. Completely customizable through templates and Web-based configuration, the enhanced self-service features reduce both initial and ongoing management costs.

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