Third Brigade VM Protection delivers cloud-ready security for VMware virtual machines

Third Brigade VM Protection is a free-of-charge software package that complements the security-hardened VMware platform and helps organizations achieve protection and compliance for VMware virtual machines (VMs) that are deployed in private or public cloud computing environments.

This free software provides additional protection for the server on which VMs are running and the applications running in VMs when multiple VMs from different organizations are deployed together on the same server, enhancing VM segregation in service provider environments. Third Brigade VM Protection can be deployed quickly and managed centrally, and is integrated with the VMware platform. Multiple layers of protection are combined in a single software agent to increase security and gain visibility into malicious activity targeting VMs.

Ideal for use by enterprises and service providers that offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Third Brigade VM Protection provides the following benefits to help organizations fully utilize their virtualization environments:

  • Firewall, Intrusion Detection (IDS), Integrity Monitoring and Log Inspection
  • Typical out-of-the box configurations (security profiles) for Windows and Linux servers
  • Integration with VMware® vCenter Server to achieve effective enterprise deployment.

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