MySpace outlines open strategy with “MySpace Open Platform” framework

MySpace introduced the “MySpace Open Platform”, a suite of products including the MySpace Application Platform, “MySpaceID” (formerly Data Availability) and Post-To MySpace. Ushering in the new structure, MySpace announced an additional roster of global partners for MySpaceID – Vodafone and Netvibes, all of which are currently developing MySpaceID implementations. MySpaceID enables all global MySpace users to be in control of their personal and portable social identity whenever they travel online.

MySpace also announced its support for Google Friend Connect as a component of MySpaceID. Google Friend Connect is a service that helps Website owners grow traffic by enabling any Website to easily provide social features. MySpace’s support of Google Friend Connect extends the reach of MySpaceID, empowering MySpace to better cater to the long tail of the development community.

MySpaceID, a core product within the MySpace Open Platform, is currently live with implementations including AOL, Flock, Eventful, Flixster, and Yoono among others. MySpaceID consists of two core components: (1) Open Standards (“The Open Stack” including OpenSocial, OAuth, and OpenID) and (2) Google Friend Connect.

MySpaceID allows users to:

  • Connect MySpace profile data to partner sites (Now available)
  • Find MySpace friends on a partner site (Now available)
  • Register on partner sites using their MySpace URL
  • Publish activities from partner sites to MySpace
  • Syndicate activities on MySpace to partner sites.

MySpaceID on Vodafone

As part of their long lasting collaboration, MySpace and Vodafone have jointly evolved the OpenSocial standard to enhance the MySpace experience in the mobile environment.

With the roll out of MySpaceID Vodafone’s customers can simply link to their MySpace account and share their details, interests, content as well as connect with friends.

MySpaceID on Netvibes

Netvibes plans on leveraging MySpaceID to help its users easily connect with their MySpace friends and share activities with them.

MySpaceID + Google Friend Connect

MySpace’s support of Google Friend Connect is a key next step in widening the scope of what MySpaceID can deliver to the average developer. MySpaceID will serve major initiatives such as Vodafone and Netvibes and because of Friend Connect’s ease of implementation it will be more easily accessible to any small developer seeking to make their site more social.

Developers looking for more information on how to use MySpaceID should visit the MySpace Developer Site.

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