New HardCopy 3 for computer forensics hard-drive duplication

Voom Technologies just released HardCopy 3 (HC3), a faster, upgraded and enriched version of their renowned HardCopy 2 computer forensics hard-drive duplicator.

First-on-the-scene law enforcement personnel must protect the forensic integrity of suspect, digitally-stored data and yet access this data in order to analyze the nature and extent of the crime in question, find the crime’s perpetrator or locate a victim. To do this, investigators typically duplicate the suspect hard-drive, sometimes multiple times, in order to sift through information without forensically compromising the investigation.

Voom keeps ahead of the latest in hard-drive speed technology via the HC3, with data transfer speeds of up to 7.5 GB/min., eclipsing Voom’s own industry leading HardCopy 2. As if the fastest isn’t fast enough, the HC3 runs single-pass data integrity validation (SHA256) and creates two forensically-sound copies of a suspect hard-drive, all simultaneously, without slowing down, essentially making the HC3 more than four times faster than competitive products.

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