Securing the open source LAMP stack with MetaFortress Open

Metaforic announced that upon request it will provide free versions of secured Apache and MySQL to enterprises. Utilizing a lightweight version of MetaFortress, Metaforic will provide anti-tamper protection and continuous integrity checking for critical parts of the LAMP stack to help defend against multi-vector attacks designed to discover and exploit the weakest point of an organization’s server infrastructure.

As open source continues to gain traction as a viable alternative for mission critical applications, it is expected that more and more enterprises will deploy some elements of open source technologies within their Web server infrastructure. A hacker may start with an SQL injection attack, and if that doesn’t work, move on to attacking the Web server or other infrastructure until an unprotected point of entry is found. As more enterprises deploy open source technology, cyber criminals will target the security vulnerabilities within this infrastructure.

In addition to providing integrity checking and anti-tamper safeguards, MetaFortress is not vulnerable to zero-day exploits.

MetaFortress Open is specifically targeted at network infrastructure applications. Like the flagship MetaFortress, Open is an anti-tamper solution that inserts security and integrity checks into an application’s source code to prevent against all kinds of hacking and unauthorized usage.

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