Screenshots of the new Lavasoft Anti-Virus Helix in action

Lavasoft recently unveiled Anti-Virus Helix, a stand-alone security tool designed to address the rapidly changing malware landscape. It features advanced heuristics technology to detect and guard against unknown or rapidly changing attackers.

Lavasoft Anti-Virus Helix includes comprehensive protection against e-mail borne threats – one of the most common methods of infection – with an integrated e-mail scanner supporting both POP3 and SMTP.

On the following screenshots you can see what the software looks like in action.

Pre-setup opening screen:

Classic installation options:

Custom installation configuration options:

Option to include and setup Helix heuristics:

Activate the product or use a free trial:

Installation process that takes a couple of minutes:

Anti-Virus Helix graphical user interface:

Listing of different events with their modules:

Scanning locations:

Scheduled regular scans and signature updates:

Alert with options after a malware has been found:

Scanning status:

Scan is finished:

Scan details with links to virus information pages:

Active web based malware scanning:

Helix’s quarantine:

Details on the scheduled scanning process:

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