Low power unmanaged switches from Allied Telesis

Allied Telesis announced the low-power versions of the AT-FS705LE and AT-FS708LE, two advanced 10/100TX low power unmanaged switched with 5 and 8 ports respectively. The switches will replace the existing product versions of the same name starting January 2009.

The AT-FS705LE and AT-FS708LE are affordable unmanaged switches that bring high performance Fast Ethernet switching to enterprise networks whilst using less power.

They are both significantly more energy-efficient than other entry level switching products, and consume up to 59% less power than the products they replace. The two products feature power supplies that are Energy Star compliant and they also incorporate additional innovative technologies to consume less power. For example, when connected to Ethernet cables, a device within the switches detects the cable length and drives less power to shorter cables. The AT-FS705LE and AT-FS708LE automatically switch to “Overnight” mode when attached peripherals and computers are powered off.

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