Yoggie brings true online anonymity to computer users

Yoggie launched the Online Anonymity feature for its miniature security computers. With a single mouse click, surfers can completely ‘cloak’ their Web browsing making it virtually impossible for anyone to see or track the user’s data, identify their computer or locate their country of operation. The new Online Anonymity feature, based on the open source Tor (The Onion Router) technology, protects the user from spying by anyone in the local network, Web sites they visit and even the user’s ISP or any other authority that might employ tracking and spy programs.

A huge advantage of Yoggie’s Online Anonymity over any other so-called invisible browsing solutions is that the heavy-duty encryption/decryption and other intensive program elements are all handled by the Yoggie miniature security computer and not by the user’s computer. For users, this means simply surfing as normal without any need for any kind of software, proxy, configuration or “plug-in”. As well as offloading all the encryption/decryption associated load from the computer’s resources to the Yoggie device.

The new feature, which will be available for both Windows and OS X versions of Yoggie’s product lines from February 2009, will be automatically downloaded by all existing Yoggie devices, which connect to Yoggie’s secure server every hour to check for updates when users are online. With a click of a mouse button the Yoggie device starts cloaking all outgoing and incoming Web traffic. What’s more, users can even configure the feature to state what country they are browsing from, thus allowing them to circumvent country-specific content.

The new online anonymity feature is the latest innovation from the company behind the popular Gatekeeper Pico – a miniaturized computer in both USB stick and ExpressCard form that plugs into any laptop, PC or Mac and runs a suite of 12 security applications including several patented programs.

With a host of prominent awards under its belt for the Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico personal security computer, including CES Best of Innovations 2008, PC Magazine Technical Excellence, Business Week/IDSA Silver Idea Award, RSA Innovation Award, Network World ‘Top Ten Security Companies to Watch’ and a host of magazine product recommendations, Yoggie Security Systems is an industry leader in integrated security technology for consumers.

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