New D-Link 802.11n network camera for home and SMB monitoring

D-Link introduced an 802.11n Wi-Fi network camera that enables remote monitoring of live streaming video from a web browser. The new D-Link 802.11n Wireless Network Camera (DCS-1130) utilizes ground-breaking technology to activate and manage networking products via a single website.

Offering plug and play connectivity, the new D-Link 11n network camera features easy installation and setup, mobile 3G and Web monitoring, 16x digital zoom, sharp resolution, and multiple profiles. It connects to the home or small business network using 802.11n Wi-Fi with WPS support, or via standard network cable. D-Link is also offering a wired-only version (DCS-1100) which connects to the network when a Wi-Fi connection is not required.

With 3GPP mobile surveillance, users can view a live feed from the camera using a 3G-enabled cell phone, PDA or any compatible RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) devices. Users are offered a flexible and convenient way to remotely monitor their homes or office in real time from anywhere within a customer’s mobile network using a 3GPP player.

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