Performance management of financial networks with Cronos

ClearSight Networks released Cronos, a vendor-neutral monitoring, analysis, reporting and alerting solution designed to meet the stringent requirements of applications and systems that depend on reliable, low-latency operations, such as financial market information delivery, electronic trading and streaming media.

Cronos monitors and correlates messages from collecting agents, calculating the latency for corresponding packets containing financial data from one endpoint to another. Focused on measuring latency, detecting message loss and managing the periods of time – usually less than a second – when major bursts of network usage occur, Cronos:

  • Passively monitors and captures all network data over extended periods of time – days, weeks and even months – allowing for data analysis, data collection and forensics;
  • Accurately and quickly visualizes and resolves network latency and message loss issues across all seven layers of the network; and
  • Generates alarms and notifications to users and systems management packages when latency threshold levels are breached and/or when message loss is detected.

Executing trades using data that is even a few milliseconds old can cost an organization millions in lost transactions; but, despite its limitations, electronic trading still makes up nearly 70 percent of the daily volume on the New York Stock Exchange. With Cronos, financial information managers and traders have an end-to-end precision measurement solution that allows their organizations to monitor low-latency deployments for performance-related issues and message loss information, even across multiple network segments or hops. Cronos resolves these issues to the microsecond level, an absolute requirement for the institutions that make up the financial information delivery and trading ecosystem.

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