USB encryption drive defense against autorun malware attacks with Hydra PC

SPYRUS announced the Hydra Privacy Card (Hydra PC) family of USB encrypting devices is immune from USB autorun malware attacks. Hydra PC, which utilizes the most advanced security technology in the industry, protects critical information networks of the U.S. Department of Defense (US DoD) and other government agencies from malicious attacks that spread malware through autorun files on peripheral USB drives. No other USB drive provides the same level of protection.

The Hydra PC completely shields networks from such attacks. Hydra PC models are the only encrypting USB drives with military-grade Suite B cryptographic capabilities for file-by-file encryption, implementing world-class data integrity. They protect against malware by digitally signing every file and prohibiting autorun files from launching. Designed for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security validation, Hydra PC devices implement the strongest hardware-based encryption technology commercially available to protect host computers, peripheral flash drives, and removable memory media.

Many government agencies, including the US DoD, completely ban the use of USB flash drives on their networks because of the widespread threats from the “agent.btz” virus. This virus spreads when USB flash drives are moved from one computer to another. Military and other critical operations were so crippled by this virus that the President was briefed on the issue.

Hydra PC virus and malware protection is impenetrable, because its filed-based encryption is inherently resistant to malware attacks and transporting malware. In addition, its file-based encryption process hashes both the plaintext and encrypted (ciphertext) versions of each file during the encryption process. Both hashes are then validated in hardware to ensure file integrity in storage, whether the file is stored on the flash memory within the Hydra PC, externally on the computer’s hard drive or on a file server. This unique sealing process protects against using data that is internally corrupted or was attacked by malware while encrypted.

The Hydra PC automatically detects and blocks any files corrupted in storage, whether by “bit-rot” media aging or by deliberate attempts to corrupt data. If a stored file is attacked or altered in any way, the user is notified and decryption is blocked.

The unique patented and patent-pending capabilities of the Hydra PC family completely protect enterprise and military mission-critical data from malware injected onto USB drives. Hydra PC is the only hardware device approved under the US DoD ESI/GSA SmartBUY Data At Rest (DAR) program for safe utilization within US DoD and civilian networks.

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