Dot Hill unveils 2U fibre channel and SAS RAID storage systems

Dot Hill released a new line of 2U, 24-drive high performance, high density external RAID storage systems that incorporate small form factor (2.5-inch) hard disk drives and solid state disks (SSD). OEMs and system integrators currently evaluating the new solutions expect to start offering the products through their routes to market during the current calendar quarter.

The 2722 Fibre Channel (4Gb FC) and 2522 Serial Attached SCSI (3Gb SAS) arrays feature intelligent, fully redundant enterprise-class controllers, with optional support for Dot Hill’s AssuredSnap snapshot and AssuredCopy volume copy data protection software modules. In addition, a 2U, 24-bay 2122 SAS JBOD unit is available to facilitate expansion of the 2722 or 2522 arrays.

Featuring a variety of drive options (10,000 or 15,000 RPM SAS, 5400 RPM SATA and SATA-compatible SSD drives), these systems will support a maximum of 96 SAS drives for a total capacity of 28.8 terabytes based on the newest 300 gigabyte SAS drives. An existing Dot Hill 2U, 12-drive 3.5-inch SAS expansion chassis with SAS, SATA or SSD drives can also be intermixed with the 2722 and 2522 arrays to accommodate both the performance and capacity requirements of demanding applications within the same storage pool or in tiered storage deployment, supporting configurations of up to 79.2 terabytes.

Utilizing SAS drives, both products have measured performance of up to 230,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS), a 130 percent performance increase as compared to prior generation 2U, 3.5-inch equivalent capacities. With the use of 80 percent-plus efficient power supplies, the new arrays represent as much as a 34 percent power savings over 2U, 12-drive arrays of equivalent 3.5-inch spindle counts, greatly enhancing the green aspects of the design.

The 2722 and 2522 are targeted at the mainstream high performance IT and mission-critical enterprise markets, as well as emerging growth markets such as video-on-demand and other applications that demand high performance in either I/Os per second or megabytes per second throughput.

In addition to the broader storage market, the 2722 and 2522 are also ideal for ruggedized, military, telecommunications, and mobile storage applications that demand high performance combined with efficient space utilization, as well as a wide range of business and mission-critical applications currently served by larger 3.5-inch based RAID systems, such as databases, business analytics, video streaming and email.

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