Netgear unveils ProSecure STM series of threat management appliances

Netgear launched its new line of Security Threat Management (STM) products. The ProSecure STM Series offers three platforms, each with a different level of horsepower, to accommodate businesses with up to 600 concurrent users. The STM150, STM300 and STM600 all contain the same security functionality with increasing amounts of bandwidth to support various-sized SMBs.

The ProSecure STM Series sets a new bar for SMB security management. The STM deploys in-line in a matter of minutes, anywhere behind the network firewall. It runs automatically and unobtrusively. There is no need to reconfigure mail servers or web proxies, unlike traditional proxy-based security solutions. Administration is performed through an intuitive web-based interface. SMBs can set granular policies and alerts, check summary statistics and graphical reports, drill down to IP address-level data, and integrate log data with standard network management tools such as SNMP.

The STM series also introduces a completely new, simplified licensing model. There are no complicated licensing options nor annoying seat-based, per-user licensing to deal with. There are only three licenses to manage: 1) Web, 2) Email, and 3) Maintenance and Support, with no per-user limitations. There is no user limit set by the licensing; however, the number of concurrent users is practically limited by the horsepower of the hardware.

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