Mac theft recovery application Undercover now with location tracking

Orbicule announced the integration of Wi-Fi Positioning software from Skyhook Wireless into Undercover, a theft-recovery application that can track any stolen Mac.

Undercover uses advanced methodologies to help Mac owners recover their stolen property. Primarily, the application determines the thief’s location with Wi-Fi Positioning from Skyhook Wireless.

In addition, Undercover is the only theft-recovery solution transmitting screenshots from the stolen Mac to help reveal the thief’s identity. Undercover also snaps mugshots of the thief using the iSight camera built into every new Mac.

Another world’s first for Undercover is an ingenious plan B: Undercover can simulate a hardware failure on the stolen Mac, urging the thief to bring the stolen Mac to an Apple store for repair, where it can be recovered.

A single user license of Undercover 3 costs $49. Site licenses and education licenses are available as well.

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