Encrypting USB drives with on-board antivirus scanning

Spyrus announced the Hydra PC ViP product family with on-board virus protection. Hydra PC ViP with the Hydra PC Sentry A-V antivirus scanning application completely protects the Hydra PC Personal Encryption Device, Enterprise Edition and Digital Attaché from spreading any known virus or malware, including viruses spread by autorun files.

The Hydra PC ViP incorporates an independent virus scanning application that augments existing host-based antivirus solutions and enhances the hardware file encryption of the Hydra PC — the strongest encryption commercially available today. All files are sealed at file encryption to detect tampering attempts or file corruption when the file is decrypted. The Spyrus file-by-file encryption process is significantly more secure than the sector-based encryption offered by competing USB encryption drives, which can leave files open to interception or virus infection when the drive is in use.

Hydra PC ViP USB encrypting drives offer automatic identification, detection and protection against both known and unknown threats from malware and viruses, which are inherent in almost all computer network environments. Superior to any other USB encrypting drive product, Hydra PC ViP with Hydra PC Sentry A-V scans each file for viruses prior to encryption, encrypts and digitally signs the file, returns it to the host with certainty of integrity and creates audit logs to provide a trusted virus-free and malware-free solution for file storage and communication. The signature validation process at the time of decryption absolutely ensures that any new malware in an encrypted file is detected and blocked from infecting a computer or network.

The comprehensive Spyrus antivirus data protection solution is essential to preventing data contamination between computers and networks or between home and office, caused by increasing use of portable USB flash drives in almost all customer environments.

Designed to protect a variety of military-grade data levels, Hydra PC is the only USB encrypting drive that offers the full set of Suite B cryptographic algorithms, including 128-bit, 192-bit and 256-bit AES encryption and public key algorithms based on elliptic curve technology. Hydra PC uniquely provides high-assurance data containment and advanced security techniques for secure data sharing with other designated Hydra PC users.

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