World’s smallest 802.11n range of devices

CSR launched its UniFi UF6000 range of Wi-Fi chips, the world’s smallest and lowest-cost range of 802.11n compatible devices to add to its Connectivity Centre line-up.

At less than 16mm-sq of silicon, the UniFi UF6000 devices are designed as embedded Wi-Fi products making them the lowest cost way of adding an 802.11n enabled Wi-Fi to mobile devices.

With a silicon size of less than 16mm-sq, the UniFi UF6000 range is the industry’s smallest 802.11n compatible device. All of the series are available in 0.5mm pitch Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP), the smallest and lowest cost packaging option. This means that the UniFi UF6000 range can easily be adopted for chip-on-board designs, a key step in lowering the cost for manufacturers to embed Wi-Fi.

For module solutions; ultra-thin WLCSP packages can be supplied with a low profile of just 0.35mm. The UniFi UF6000 range is available in either 2.4GHz only or 2.4/5GHz giving complete flexibility to manufacturers in their choice of Wi-Fi.

The UniFi UF6000 range supports IEEE 802.11n Single Spatial Stream, providing high data speeds of up to 72Mbps, enabling mobile devices to benefit from the higher speeds of 802.11n without requiring the multiple power hungry radios of the current 802.11n MIMO solutions. It also supports technology known as Space Time Block Coding (STBC), which provides state-of-the-art throughput and range in challenging RF environments. The UniFi UF6000 range is fully compliant with IEEE802.11e QoS, Wi-Fi Alliance WMM Power Save and 802.11n power saving, ensuring the lowest possible power consumption.

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