Latest Spam Omelette report focuses on top spam words

In week 12 of the’s Spam Omelette reports, the top spam words include:

1. UND — Ranking first in this week’s spam top, the word “UND” (German for AND) has been detected by the BitDefender spam researchers in unsolicited messages promoting explicit adult video content.

2. EMAIL — The word EMAIL ranks second this week. While previous campaigns were accompanied by relevant images related to sexual enhancement pills, the new spam wave only displays a discreet banner advertising “Shop Best Sellers.”

3. RECEIVE — Ranking third in Spam Omelette is the word “RECEIVE,” which has been detected in messages sent by the online gambling website PokerSavvy. The message asks receivers to start inviting their friends to the poker table in exchange for extra credit points.

4. UNSUBSCRIBE — The word UNSUBSCRIBE ranks fourth this week and is used in messages impersonating legitimate newsletters. The spam message contains a disclaimer mentioning a trustworthy company as well as a forged unsubscribe link that validates victims’ email addresses as being in use.

5. TIME — The word TIME ranks last in Spam Omelette’s weekly top and has been detected in messages advertising Canadian Pharmacy drugs.

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