Anti-piracy service for iPhone developers

Kali Anti-Piracy is a service for the iPhone developers that protects their applications from being pirated.

Evidently, the piracy rate currently is quite high due to the fact that there are numerous automatic “cracking” products that allow any application purchased from the AppStore to be extracted and distributed in unprotected form. Sadly, the whole process takes under 3 minutes per product-¦ What does this mean to you as a developer? Obviously, you lose money.

With Kali Anti-Piracy your application is being wrapped in the additional layer of protection engineered by experts in Mac OS X and iPhone OS architectures, giving potential hackers much harder time in achieving the precious “crack”. Moreover, we are constantly monitoring the current trends and news in the underground hacker communities to make sure Kali AP stays on top of the “competition”.

The integration process with your product is quite simple — just follow simple instructions found in the downloadable SDK once you sign up and activate your product on the Developer’s portal. Your product code will be automatically processed by the Kali Anti-Piracy intelligent algorithm in a way that if the product was pirated, it will cease to launch or function properly.

Kali Anti-Piracy uses only documented and allowed calls, therefore, it is fully compliant with the Apple iPhone SDK. Products protected with Kali AP are passing the Apple approval process and are currently successfully selling in the AppStore.

Kali Anti-Piracy is entirely self-contained, and will never “phone home” or otherwise contact the remote servers without your knowledge.

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