First Windows 7 universal IPSec VPN client

NCP engineering has developed the first universal IPSec VPN client for Windows 7. Now available, the beta version of the NCP Secure Entry Client will provide users and IT administrators with a flexible, intuitive solution for secure remote network access.

Beta users are encouraged to put the client to test in a variety of settings. The full feature set includes an intuitive GUI that any user can understand to control the powerful software, a dynamic personal firewall, data encryption, Friendly Net Detection, and one-time password token and certificate support through a PKI. It can also be integrated with a NAC component to ensure highly secure access to central data networks.

The client makes VPN security a “one-click and forget it’ experience. Once the client has been installed on a device, beta users can connect to third-party IPSec gateways without needing to change settings or certificates. Ideal for any Windows 7 testing environment, the configuration import function automates the acceptance of existing profiles, seamlessly supporting Cisco’s .pcf files, WatchGuard’s .wgx files, SafeNet’s .spd files and NCP’s own Secure Enterprise Server.

A 30-day trial of the beta version of the NCP Secure Entry Client for Windows 7 is available for download. In addition to Windows 7, the bundled client software supports the Windows Vista and XP 32/64-bit, 2000, Mobile 5/6.x, CE, Symbian and Linux operating systems.

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