Securing virtualized environments with Altor VF 2.0

Altor Networks released the Altor VF 2.0 virtual firewall which now provides additional defense-in-depth security to virtualized environments as well as tighter integration with VMware and a new customer-driven advanced reporting module.

Altor VF monitors and controls inter-VM traffic and enforces security policies at the individual VM level. Designed from scratch to secure the latest virtualization technologies, it provides thorough protection and ease-of-operation missing from traditional network security products that were not designed for the virtual environment.

Enterprises are increasingly concerned about the risks posed by virtual networks inside virtual servers, which range from security policy violations, such as mixing trusted and un-trusted systems on a shared physical host, to malware exploits that can propagate undetected within a virtual network and quickly spread to other physical servers while remaining invisible to traditional security solutions.

The Altor VF 2.0 is available immediately, starting at $2,000 per server.

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