Final beta of PC lifecycle management solution NxTop 1.0

Virtual Computer announced its final beta and release candidate of NxTop 1.0. The NxTop solution tackles core PC management functions currently addressed with legacy agent-based tools, and delivers additional benefits only possible using bare-metal virtualization technology at the end-point.

NxTop’s features include:

  • One-to-many provisioning, publishing and patching of the base operating system including the ability to roll patches forward or backward in the event of a failure at the end-point.
  • User data and profile backup and recovery including the ability to move a user from one computing device to another in a matter of minutes, without any loss of data or productivity.
  • Security including trusted boot and cryptographic disk, with an enterprise key management system ensuring that computing environments cannot be tampered with and eliminating the concern of data leakage in the event a PC is lost or stolen.
  • Full policy-driven control of end-point computing devices including the ability to filter on particular types of USB devices, device expiration and remote disable of computers.

In addition, NxTop allows more than one operating systems to execute at the end-point in a fully symmetric fashion with complete isolation and security; literally as if the operating systems are executing on disparate devices. This enables new use-cases for organizations and end-users, such as:

  • Running a personal operating system side-by-side with a locked-down corporate image, enabling end-users to bring their own laptops to work or load applications outside the corporate standard thereby reducing support costs and lost productivity.
  • A simple upgrade path from Windows XP to Windows 7 without the need to physically touch the end-point during the upgrade.
  • Allowing for a compact and fast booting operating system with custom functionality such as a web browser or terminal service to run side by side with a more robust operating systems such as Windows.

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