Innovative iris recognition system from AOptix

AOptix Technologies announced the release of InSight, their iris recognition system. The InSight, which operates at a nominal 2 meter stand-off distance, employs the company’s proprietary Adaptive Optics technology. It is targeted at a variety of end-users, including border and immigration control, ID card programs, aviation security, and access control applications.

Subject human factors challenges have been the primary cause of slow adoption of iris recognition, a biometric modality that has the promise of being the most user friendly and accurate of any modality. Up until now, conventional iris recognition systems have required the subject to accurately place their eyes in a very small capture zone, a process that is difficult for many people, especially those enrolling for the first time.

In interacting with the InSight system, the subject needs to stand in its capture volume, look at the device, and open his or her eyes. The system does all the work of finding the subject and locating the eyes for iris biometric imaging, automating the entire process.

The InSight establishes a capture volume of about .75 cubic meters that is 1 meter deep and 1 meter tall at mid-plane allowing for a range of subject heights including coverage of wheelchair users. The system is housed in a single, compact enclosure that contains all optics, electronics and interfacing hardware. It is configured as a network appliance for easy integration into end-user identification and authentication systems, including physical access control, for which the InSight offers an optional Wiegand and RS-485 interface.

First production deliveries of the InSight system will begin in April of this year.

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