AppRiver adds Web filtering solution to its in-the-cloud security services

AppRiver launched SecureSurf Web Protection, which provides a combination of Web filtering and malware protection that can be deployed from a single PC to an entire enterprise through a security-as-a-service deployment option. Customers receive security protection for Web traffic, from enforcing an Internet use policy and minimizing productivity drains to reducing legal liability and receiving immediate protection against Web-borne malware.

Organizations simply redirect Web traffic to AppRiver secure data centers for protection. This on-demand, subscription-based security solution includes the following capabilities:

  • No software or hardware required for transparent user authentication.
  • Ensures protection against malware and spyware threats – even if threats are hidden in blended content or hidden in encrypted SSL traffic – with intent-based filters that block today’s constantly changing global threat landscape.
  • Scales to the largest enterprise, easily integrating with existing technology investments with no noticeable latency.
  • Stops threats before entering the network with comprehensive reputation-based filtering protection.
  • Eases administration through informative reports and dashboards, offering an instant view into an organization’s Web traffic. These corporate, user, and departmental reports depict valuable information such as top categories accessed, bandwidth consumed, bandwidth saved due to blocking, and malicious or suspicious sites requested.
  • Easily defines Internet usage policies for any corporation.

SecureSurf Web Protection is offered at $3.95 per user per month.

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