Dual segment 10 Gigabit intelligent bypass switch

Interface Masters Technologies unveiled the Niagara 2814 Intelligent Bypass which consists of dual 10Gb bypass segments which possess passive and active bypass switch capabilities. The active bypass feature enables seamless failover without interrupting the communication session in case of a software crash or link loss. In addition to Bypass, the system can support TAP functionality for traffic monitoring purposes.

Niagara 2814’s active bypass capabilities ensure maximum uptime on any network-critical link. During normal and healthy in-line appliance operation, Niagara 2814 routes all network traffic through the in-line appliance. When Niagara 2814 detects an appliance malfunction such as a software crash, system failure or loss of power, the in-line traffic continues to flow through the network link, but is no longer routed through the in-line device. This ensures that network devices can be removed and replaced without network downtime.

Once the system is back up or the power is restored to the appliance, network traffic is seamlessly diverted back to the in-line device, allowing it to resume its critical functions. In addition, the Niagara 2814 is an ideal solution for applications requiring high availability/redundancy, providing primary and secondary appliances with sophisticated fail-safe functionality. If an appliance connected to the primary segment fails and a secondary appliance is available, the bypass switch will pass all network traffic through the secondary appliance.

The Niagara 2814 10Gb bypass is managed by a 64-bit MIPS controller which supports a wide variety of control and management capabilities. The system provides flexible and intuitive CLI and GUI management features including secure web UI via an HTTPS connection, secure shell (SSH), SNMP, e-mail notification for special events, and bypass method configuration. An authentication client capable of interfacing with authentication servers like TACACS+ and Radius will be supported.

In addition, the bypass system possesses Syslog support, enabling consolidation of log data from various systems into a central repository. This feature provides management, traceability and security auditing across a wide variety of devices and receivers on multiple platforms.

The Niagara 2814 is designed for system integrators that support the Telecommunications, ISP, IT Network Security, UTM, Storage Area Networks (SAN), Intrusion Detection & Prevention and WAN Acceleration markets. The product will be available for evaluation in April 2009 and will be in production in May 2009.

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