Video: Making money on the Web the black hat way

Below you can watch a presentation by Jeremiah Grossman, the founder and CTO of WhiteHat Security, and Trey Ford, the Director of Solutions Architecture at WhiteHat Security.

If you want to make some serious cash on the Web silently and surreptitiously, you don’t need Cross-Site Scripting or SQL Injection. All you need is a Web browser, a clue on what to look for, and a few black hat tricks. Generating affiliate advertising revenue from the Website traffic of others, trade stock using corporation information passively gleaned, inhibit the online purchase of sought after items creating artificial scarcity, and so much more. Activities not technically illegal, only violating terms of service.

You may have heard these referred to as business logic flaws, but that name really doesn’t do them justice. It sounds so academic and benign in that context when the truth is anything but. These are not the same old Web hacker attack techniques everyone is familiar with, but the one staring you in the face and missed because gaming a system and making money this way couldn’t be that simple. Plus IDS cant detect them and Web application firewalls cant black them. If fact, these types of attacks are so hard to detect (if anyone is actually trying) we aren’t even sure how widespread their use actually is. Time to pull back the cover and expose whats possible.

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