Enhanced Virtual Identity Server for SharePoint

Optimal IdM announced an enhanced edition of its Virtual Identity Server for SharePoint.

In addition to its previous capabilities of providing organizations with the ability to deploy SharePoint across multiple forests without the need for trusts and full Office integration, VIS for SharePoint now includes an advanced cross-forest Windows authentication module. This module leverages a user’s existing Active Directory credentials, providing a seamless multi-forest Single Sign-On solution without requiring forest trusts. Users who are logged into an Active Directory domain are automatically authenticated to SharePoint when accessing the site.

Users who have not authenticated to an Active Directory domain are prompted for a user id and password. This enables organizations to quickly and easily deploy one instance of SharePoint to external and internal users without creating a forest trust or requiring internal users to re-authenticate.

VIS for SharePoint also simplifies the security within SharePoint by providing administrators a dynamic role-based access control security model for SharePoint. Administrators are no longer required to manage security and group membership on an on-going basis. Instead, SharePoint administrators only need to define once, who should be included in a dynamic group based on business rules.

The Virtual Identity Server for SharePoint dynamically computes the group membership on-the-fly and in real-time. As the data changes on the user, so does the group membership. The security within SharePoint is now defined once and changes automatically, significantly reducing administration, increasing security and lowering the total cost of ownership.

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