DNA matching – a unique technology to stop malware

Norman launched DNA Matching, a new proactive technology and method for identifying the viral profile of all kinds of malicious programs. DNA Matching is unique in its capability to detect programming codes that malware authors reuse to create new viruses.

DNA sequences are the building blocks of human DNA profiles. In the same way, computer code and instructions can be seen as the sequences of a program’s “DNA.” Unlike crime scene forensics that can only match DNA to people who have already been profiled, this technique can detect and stop new malicious code that has not yet been fingerprinted in the traditional way. If new malware inherits or reuses some of the programming code, Norman DNA Matching will conclude that it is malware of the same kind.

Internet threats and e-crime are increasing at an alarming rate. The FBI has estimated that cybercrime now surpasses illegal narcotics as the number one revenue-generating criminal activity (FBI/IBM). Consumers, companies, organizations and public services are all exposed to and threatened by the growth of malicious and criminal software.

A major reason for the alarming growth of new malware is the increased availability of “Developer Studios” for production of malware. This software, which anyone can buy on the Internet, enables hackers at all skill levels to create new Trojan horses, backdoors, key loggers, and other malicious software simply by following a few easy steps.

DNA Matching integrates Norman SandBox, the leading proactive technology, and the cornerstone of Norman’s proactive strategy to combat Internet-based e-crime. Companies like Microsoft, F-Secure and Swedish Security Police (S?¤kerhetspolisen) among others use Norman’s proactive technology to investigate e-crime and protect customers and the public.

This new proactive detection technology is available in all of Norman’s anti-malware security solutions and will also be integrated in the upcoming release of the new Norman Endpoint Protection.

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