Full-disk encryption with ProtectDrive

SafeNet announced the launch of ProtectDrive 9.0 full disk and removable media encryption with RapidRecovery technology.

The recovery of files from encrypted disks can be a slow process due to the time required to decrypt a hard drive. With ProtectDrive RapidRecovery, system files and other critical information can be recovered almost immediately.

ProtectDrive RapidRecovery’s hard drive encryption technology encrypts the entire hard drive of a laptop, workstation, or server to protect against disclosure of information in case of theft or accidental loss of the hardware device. Pre-boot authentication prevents unauthorized users from compromising the operating system to access sensitive information. This is the first solution of its kind that can be deployed and managed directly using Microsoft Active Directory (AD) providing high levels of assurance, reduced management complexities, and significant cost savings.

One component of SafeNet’s ProtectDrive RapidRecovery suite leverages Microsoft WinPE technology so that a user on a project deadline can return to work on a fresh system in just minutes after the critical files are copied off of a damaged disk. ProtectDrive RapidRecovery also includes a SDK that enables integration of user recovery tools into existing help desk infrastructures, such as Web-based systems.

ProtectDrive is the only full-disk encryption solution that is part of a comprehensive Enterprise Data Protection suite that protects not only endpoint devices, but data throughout the enterprise. ProtectDrive encrypts the entire hard drive of laptops, workstations, and servers, as well as removable media, such as USB flash drives.

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