New quad gigabit Ethernet packet processors

Interphase announces the iSPAN 36MC1 Packet Processor, the newest addition to its portfolio of Quad (4x) Gigabit Ethernet high-performance packet processor products based on OCTEON Plus 56xx multi-core processor architecture from Cavium Networks. The product family also includes the iSPAN 36CA AdvancedMC and iSPAN 55CA/55MC8 PCI-X cards.

The iSPAN 36MC1 is available with RJ-45 or small form-factor pluggable (SFP) module interfaces, supporting Quad Gigabit Ethernet and PCI-e connectivity on the AdvancedMC connector with 2 GB of memory. The RJ-45 configuration will be the first model introduced and is designed as a entry point for applications requiring high-performance packet processing.

It is ideal for usage in a wide variety of AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA based application platforms for the converged communications network including:

  • access service network (ASN) gateways and base stations in WiMAX networks
  • radio network controllers
  • packet access gateways and gateway GPRS service nodes in wideband-CDMA 3G/HSPA/LTE networks
  • security and content inspection appliances.

The iSPAN 36MC1 will support the 6WINDGate software toolkit for embedded networking. Interphase will continue to add software toolkits such as deep packet inspection (DPI) and Internet Protocol security (IPSec).

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