Handheld identity management device with fingerprint reader

MaxID, a rugged mobile computer company, today announced the integration of Lumidigm’s fingerprint reader into the iDLMax, a handheld identity management device.

The Lumidigm Venus fingerprint reader embodies a significant breakthrough in optical imaging technology. Based on patented multispectral biometrics, the robust Lumidigm sensor is capable of delivering high-quality images in the most difficult and demanding physical environments. This characteristic is particularly important in mobile applications because handheld devices are regularly used in conditions where other biometric technologies fail.

MaxID integrated Lumidigm’s Venus fingerprint reader into the iDLMax, a multimodal, rugged mobile computer that offers a complete set of features for virtually any identity management challenge including contact card, contactless card, barcode, optical fingerprint, and magnetic swipe readers with a digital camera, GPS, and comprehensive wireless communications.

The iDLMax is a complete, integrated mobile solution for all badging and identity management requirements. When users need to read fingerprints, TWIC, CAC, PIV, or FRAC cards, or driver’s licenses, as well as use the other on-board biometric functions to verify identity, the iDLMax connected handheld device does it all in a light, compact, easy-to-use form factor.

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