Insightix releases Business Security Assurance solution suite 5.0

Insightix announced the immediate availability of version 5.0 of its Business Security Assurance (BSA) solution suite. The Insightix BSA solution is designed to detect, identify, profile, audit, and control ALL devices connected to your network, in real-time. It provides a 360° view into the actual state of your network security effectively bridging the network security gap that exists between the actual security state of enterprise networks and what is known to IT.

With BSA version 5.0, Insightix has redesigned its BSA Management Center platform, and enhanced its capabilities and feature set through a complete redesign of the user interface, scalability enhancements allowing handling thousands of BSA Collectors at once, improved AAA support, centralized licensing mechanism, additional centralized BSA Collector management and configuration options, and more.

New features and enhancements have been introduced into the Insightix BSA Collector platform. Notable changes include the user identity profiling feature (establishment and maintenance of user intelligence by correlating between user identities and specific IP addresses), enhancements to the device profiling mechanism, and infrastructure changes with the underlying Linux platform.

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