FalconStor file-interface deduplication system

The File-interface Deduplication System (FDS) opens up a new market for FalconStor Software by offering block-level deduplication of backup data via a simple file interface. Now customers have a choice between a file interface or a VTL interface or both, depending on data center requirements.

FDS maximizes interoperability with all data sources including disk-to-disk backup, database application downloads and archive repositories. With built-in many-to-one replication capability, the file-interface system provides global deduplication by replicating from remote sites to a central data repository across the wide-area network.

It also can be deployed in any physical or virtual infrastructure environment, offering file-level access to a central block-level single instance repository. FalconStor FDS uses a configurable concurrent or post-process deduplication method for maximum end-user flexibility. The product supports all major backup software, directly accepts Oracle RMAN, Microsoft SQL and other database dumps, and provides integrated data replication and global deduplication.

FalconStor FDS is available as a traditional software package ready for installation on any hardware appliance with replication included; the U.S. list price starts at $13,000. As a virtual appliance without replication, U.S. list starts at $5,000, plus $2,000 for the replication option.

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