SafeNet unveils IPsec VPN Security solution for Android platform

SafeNet announced the availability of its IPsec VPN security solution, QuickSec/IPsec, for the Open Mobile Handset Alliance’s (OHA) Android platform. The integration of QuickSec’s proven VPN functionality into any environment, including Android, enables handset and device manufacturers to bring competitive, secure solutions to market quickly and cost effectively.

Developed by Google and fully endorsed by the OHA, Android is a complete, open source software platform and operating system for mobile devices. With QuickSec, developers building on the Android platform will now be able to quickly integrate complete IPsec cryptography, proven VPN functionality, IKE and IKEv2 policy managers, robust authentication features, and remote access support into their mobile handset and remote devices without compromising power, throughput, or battery life.

With QuickSec, OEM developers will be able to build the most robust and current IPsec security standards, such as MOBIKE, into any Android-based mobile handset and remote networking device, while reducing cost and shortening time to market.

The company also offers a complete suite of open standards-based Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Mobile TV protection solutions for the Android platform. By integrating with all existing and future Android applications, SafeNet enables device and handset manufacturers to extend the Android platform with advanced communications security and DRM features.

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