Integrate smart cards and biometrics for Windows

Gemalto introduced an innovative solution which enables organizations to enhance network security and protect online identities by replacing weak, static passwords with strong authentication using Gemalto .NET smart cards and Precise Match-on-Card fingerprint biometric technology. Gemalto .NET Bio is easy to deploy and manage, and integrates seamlessly into Windows environments.

Organizations employ Gemalto smart cards and tokens for strong user authentication to their networks, as well as for data encryption and digital signature services. Traditionally, smart cards are protected by a PIN to verify the holder of the device is its legitimate owner. Gemalto .NET Bio implements fingerprint verification on the smart card to provide three alternative verification methods: using a fingerprint instead of a PIN; using a fingerprint or a PIN; and using a fingerprint and a PIN for the highest level of security.

Precise Match-on-Card technology stores and verifies users’ fingerprint information directly on the Gemalto .NET smart card. The fingerprint information never leaves the card and is never stored in a database, thus protecting their digital identities and privacy. With Gemalto .NET Bio, organizations benefit from the convenience of fingerprint authentication and the portability and security of smart card devices, all seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Windows operating systems and applications.

Gemalto .NET Bio works with a wide range of applications for Windows and provides a very familiar user experience. The solution has an intuitive interface and users can set up their fingerprints on the cards themselves, making it straightforward and cost-effective for both IT administrators and employees.

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