New version of AppGate Security Server based on Open Solaris

Version 9 of AppGate’s Secure Access Solution introduces enhanced file access with files visible through an AppGate Client file browser window. With Open Solaris a free edition of the AppGate Security Server and support for virtual environments is offered.

With this version of the Security Server, AppGate enables all users to access files regardless of platform and without installing any client software. Users only have to point their web browser to the AppGate Security Server and log in to the system in order to access remote files. The AppGate Security Server performs authentication and authorization, and depending on the user’s role, authentication method, client configuration, etc., the server can make different files available to its users.

Version 9 is based on Open Solaris which makes it easy to have the AppGate server run in virtual server environments. The AppGate Server can run in a virtual server, be remotely managed and can in turn control access to other physical and virtual servers. This enables new architectures to be built in a secure way. In addition version 9 fully support Windows 7.

AppGate security servers build on existing functionality such as:

  • Application Layer Firewall
  • Mobile & Fixed VPN
  • Granular & Role based Access Control
  • End-point Security with device check.

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