Port and peripheral device security with Zlock

Zecurion released Zlock 2.5, a network endpoint solution that controls and manages computer ports and peripheral devices across the enterprise.

Zlock 2.5 monitors and manages USB, LPT, COM and other devices when connected to a network, allowing network administrators to:

  • Monitor, control and “shadow copy” any printing from the network or unidentified printers. Each printer on a network can be assigned security permissions to network printers, allowing administrators the ability to identify which user generated a particular job, along with the time and date. The print job can then be replicated for audit trail purposes. In addition to the server copy, shadow copies can be sent to CD/DVD recorders.
  • Request and obtain access rights to a port or device over the phone – useful for when a user urgently needs to move data from the network to a device.
  • Apply different port or device access policies, depending on a user’s location, either on the corporate network, remotely or offline.
  • Exclude a user attempting to violate the system’s integrity.
  • Deploy Zlock to all workstations on the network via a setup wizard.

Zlock is tightly integrated with Active Directory, delivering immediate access for administrators to the network domain tree structure and the computer’s inventory, greatly improving system scalability and maintainability.

Aside from the management console, Zlock can be deployed and administered from within the Active Directory group policies, where the administrator can install, remove or update Zlock software, as well as disseminate access policies and system configurations. For large enterprise environments with multiple IT departments, this capability simplifies the system installation as the system administrator is not required to have rights on local machines when installations are managed by a domain-level administrative account.

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