New Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution

Abaca’s anti-spam solution is now available for service provider customers. Based on a sophisticated, patented technology, Abaca’s CLX Anti-spam Solution is designed to achieve a minimum 99.9 percent spam catch rate with less than one false positive in 10,000 emails.

Abaca’s solution is so accurate the company guarantees 99 percent results for all its customers, including the world’s largest email service providers.

The Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution is flexible enough to fit into any service provider’s infrastructure and supports a variety of system architectures. The Abaca CLX Anti-spam Solution, unlike competitive offerings, requires very little maintenance, enables end users to efficiently manage their mailbox and helps reduce customer support calls due to missing or misclassified messages. Fully redundant deployment is easily accomplished to ensure reliable and consistent service delivery.

If you’re attending RSA Conference 2009 you can find out more by visiting Abaca at booth #2644.

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