New visualization and reporting software

FaceTime Communications today introduced visualization and reporting software FaceTime Insight. Using tree mapping and a modular reporting infrastructure, FaceTime Insight provides a bird’s eye view as well as in-depth visibility into Web 2.0 applications, social networking sites and all facets of enterprise Web browsing. FaceTime Insight interfaces with FaceTime’s Unified Security Gateway (USG) to provide granular enterprise data visualization in terms of user behavior, usage patterns and network traffic trends.

Ideal for managing enterprise networks across multiple locations, the dynamic, multi-dimensional graphic view provided by FaceTime Insight provides total visibility into the network that has not previously been possible with legacy network management and reporting tools for Web security and data compliance.

Data collected from more than 100 FaceTime customer network sites over the past two weeks shows employees at these companies attempted to access more than 350 Web sites categorized as social networking, and within Facebook alone, attempted to access more than 2,800 individual Facebook applications. Users also attempted to connect with more than 80 high-bandwidth multimedia and IPTV applications, more than 90 virtual worlds and more than 115 potentially dangerous P2P file sharing applications.

FaceTime Insight ships pre-populated with a large library of both summary and detail reports and charts commonly used in network environments today, alongside an intuitive report creation wizard that clearly identifies the filters and options available. Role-based access enables delegated reporting so that administrators are able to generate reports across all supported USGs for all users or just local reports for a specific set of groups or users.

Starting at $995, FaceTime Insight will be available in 60 days.

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