Security-as-a-Service enters the mainstream at RSA 2009

Qualys announced that security executives from six of its customers will join three Qualys executives in delivering a total of nine presentations at the 2009 RSA Conference. The general theme of the presentations will focus on how software-as-a-service has forever changed the security industry, while defining many of today’s security and regulatory compliance best practices.

Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys, will deliver a conference keynote presentation titled, “Changing Security as We Know It” on Thursday, April 23. Philippe will talk about SaaS as a component of cloud computing and elaborate on how it’s has emerged as a viable alternative model to traditional information security practices while offering the possibility of more effective and efficient information security capabilities at a lower cost. He will also outline how SaaS introduces a number of options that impact and shape technologies and processes within today’s information technology practices.

Courtot’s discussion will expose the “inconvenient truth” in today’s security and the radical changes the cloud computing era brings to security as we know it. Courtot will also discuss what these changes mean to security professionals and the security industry as a whole.

In addition to Courtot’s keynote, Wolfgang Kandek, CTO of Qualys, will unveil groundbreaking research titled, “The Laws of Vulnerabilities 2.0,” on Thursday, April 23. The findings will include patch trends by industry, prevalence, persistence and exploitability of vulnerabilities within enterprise networks. This live research is based on 80 million IPs scanned and 270 million vulnerabilities identified in 2008. Amer Deeba, CMO of Qualys, will also participate in a panel discussion on Wednesday, April 22, titled, “Using SaaS to Solve Network Management and Security Challenges.”

Throughout the week, security executives and thought leaders from General Electric, Cisco, First Advantage, Kaiser Permanente, Fifth Third Bank and Administaff will be presenting at the Qualys booth (#1717). Each speaker will discuss how they are using Qualys’ security-as-a-service suite to secure their organization and comply with industry regulations.

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