RSA Conference award winners

During the Tuesday keynote presentations, RSA Conference 2009 award winners were announced.

Excellence in the Field of Security Practices category was awarded to Robert Lentz, Deputy Secretary of Defense and DoD Chief Information Assurance Officer.

The award for Excellence in the Field of Public Policy was given to J. Keith Mularski, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation who, along with his colleagues in the U.S. and internationally, brought down “Dark Market”, an online “carding” forum that was one of the largest of its kind in the cyber underworld.

Two recipients were selected for the Excellence in the Field of Mathematics award, Professor Neal Koblitz and Dr. Victor Miller for independently proposing a new approach to public-key cryptography based on elliptic curves.

RSA Conference 2009 also presented the RSA Conference Lifetime Achievement award to Taher Elgamal, for his work in cryptography and as the driving force behind SSL.

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