EMC builds SharePoint security and availability

As organizations see SharePoint deployments rapidly expand, the platform becomes a more strategic and valuable asset that requires closer governance and an ability to identify sensitive data for security and compliance purposes. In fact a recent survey by RSA revealed 53% of US respondents would likely invest in third party technology to help solve the problem of data discovery within SharePoint services. Additionally 47% of US respondents ranked identifying sensitive information within SharePoint sites as most important.

The new RSA Secure View tool for Microsoft SharePoint provides customers with a hierarchical view of the SharePoint environment from servers to files within SharePoint sites. The tool is designed to also reveal which users have access to resources within the SharePoint deployment and eases the process of identifying where sensitive data resides within the SharePoint environment. With this insight, customers can then more effectively develop a comprehensive risk remediation strategy.

In addition, the new RSA DLP RiskAdvisor for Microsoft SharePoint service leverages RSA Data Loss Prevention Datacenter for automated discovery of sensitive information and provides a snapshot of potential exposure within the SharePoint environment. The result is the rapid identification of sensitive data on target SharePoint servers, sites and SharePoint infrastructure components. The RiskAdvisor service is engineered to encompass a high-level mapping of business functions to sensitive data helping to determine how that information was put at risk.

Coupled with RSA Secure View tool, the RSA DLP RiskAdvisor for Microsoft SharePoint service is designed to provide a holistic view of the SharePoint environment, the location of sensitive data, and potential areas of risk. After areas of risk are identified, customers often face the task of building an effective remediation strategy. To help customers more successfully address identified risk, RSA’s solution offers solution architectures and extensive technical documentation — including deployment and configuration guides — that enable customers to better understand how RSA security controls may be consistently applied across a SharePoint environment.

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