First two-factor universal personal authenticator for mobile phones

FireID launched in the US its universal personal authenticator that turns any mobile phone into a convenient and powerful self-contained, one-time-password (OTP) generator to enable highly secure VPN access and online transactions.

FireID instantly provides users with the most secure strong personal authentication wherever and whenever it is required – even when no cell service is available – by generating random OTPs on demand. For end-users, FireID essentially eliminates the need to remember passwords or carry hardware tokens, and it provides superior security by eliminating risky SMS transmission of OTPs. For businesses, FireID ensures highly-secure access to VPNs and user accounts without the overhead and logistical issues associated with hardware management.

The system integrates smoothly with any existing infrastructure using SOAP and RADIUS protocols through a real time link with any set of user information data sources, such as SQL databases. FireID is both OATH and FIPS compliant, providing additional security and peace of mind for business customers. For end users, the FireID mobile token application is quickly and easily downloaded and deployed at no cost.

For VPN deployments, FireID supports fine-grained permissions that allow administrators to enable multiple operators at varying levels — from helpdesk operators able to perform simple user tasks, to super administrators with full control.

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