Bandwidth shaping and content filtering with Optinet

Black Box Corporation introduces Optinet, a deep packet, Layer 7 inspection gateway appliance that optimizes Internet use, enabling organizations to get the most from their available bandwidth. It scans, identifies, and controls Internet traffic, and provides advanced content filtering, reporting, application prioritization, bandwidth management, and threat protection.

With multilayer content filtering, users are able to access the content they need with real-time dynamic URL categorization, URL database matching, URL keyword searches, and deep HTML inspection. Additionally, allotting more bandwidth to mission-critical sites and applications enables you to shape and prioritize Internet use and content. You can place precise limits on the amount of bandwidth available to specific applications, users, and groups.

Optinet also reveals exactly how your employees use the Internet. Application traffic monitoring enables you to set appropriate priorities and limits, and automatically enforce policies and restrictions. Detailed reports on use activity, application traffic, and Internet threats give you total visibility and enhance your ability to analyze and fix problems. You also get protection from existing and continually evolving on-line threats with its hourly filter avoidance updates and dynamic content analysis that identifies and shuts out dangerous anonymous proxies.

Optinet devices range from 5-Mbps up to 200-Mbps WAN capabilities. Most of the appliances feature acceleration technology, which ensures 100 percent SSL encryption.

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