Innovative authentication for Microsoft IAG

GrIDsure is launching a unique authentication solution for Microsoft’s Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) at InfoSecurity, stand E92. “GrIDsure for Microsoft IAG’, in partnership with Winfrasoft, adds two factor authentication to Microsoft’s flexible mobile worker solution without the need for expensive tokens.

GrIDsure’s solution is based on its invention that allows users to authenticate themselves by remembering a minimum of a four block sequential pattern on a five by five grid, known as a Personal Identification Pattern (PIP). Rather than users having to remember multiple passwords and PINs, they just enter a randomly generated number on the keypad that corresponds to their PIP on the grid.

By integrating with Microsoft’s system, a remote worker using IAG will never have to expose their secret PIP as it is never directly entered into the system. Instead, only the numbers that are generated by the PIP, which are different every time, are entered on the keypad. This effectively eliminates the possibility of shoulder surfing, key logging and various other techniques used to steal passwords.

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