Anti-fraud risk score based on device intelligence

iovation is now offering iovation Risk Module, an add-on service to iovation ReputationManager that scores new and unknown devices on the Internet. iovation is expanding its device reputation platform, which has profiled over 1 billion devices and tracked over 100 million unique devices for their customers. This platform allows iovation to offer risk scoring that is not based on personally identifiable information (PII) provided by the online user.

iovation ReputationManager is based on device recognition certainty and fact-based evidence that virtually eliminates false positives. Now customers can not only act on the reputations for devices known by the iovation network, they can also receive risk scores for new devices that match the profiles and behaviors of devices associated with fraud and abuse.

iovation Risk Module complements the real-time iovation ReputationManager by providing a daily report of the highest risk devices that have visited our customers websites. Interactions at our customers’ websites are flagged based on device profile matches, IP address risk and behavioral characteristics typically used by online scammers.

High-risk transactions can quickly be followed up on in the iovation ReputationManager administrative console where scammers can be blocked from future activity and prevented from harming the network. The compatibility between the two services makes it even easier and faster to prevent online fraud and abuse.

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