Purewire brings trust to social networking

Purewire announced the integration of PurewireTrust.org with Facebook Connect, introducing a new way for social networking users to verify online identities and improve their overall security posture.

This integration marks the first time Facebook users can verify their own reputation and build a portable online reputation to bring with them to Facebook and other social networking sites.

Further planned integration with Facebook will allow users to instantly evaluate friend requests and other interactions based on the Purewire Trust profile of the other party.

Other features enabled by the Facebook Connect integration include:

  • Extending an identity with single sign-on. By signing into Facebook, a user’s activity on Facebook is evaluated by PurewireTrust.org.
  • Establishing trust for friends. With PurewireTrust.org, users can post reviews and feedback for their Facebook friends, which helps to verify reputations.
  • Increased visibility of PurewireTrust.org activity. As a user interacts with PurewireTrust.org, those interactions are displayed in the user’s Facebook news feed.

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