A closer look at Folder Lock 6.2.1

Folder Lock is a Windows tool that enables you to create a password protected folder. The folder is completely hidden while it is locked, and the files, folders and drives contained in the Locker are unaccessible from Windows Explorer or even DOS mode.

The Welcome Screen upon running the program:

Upon choosing the option New Locker, you must first enter a password (and confirm it also) – the Options are not available without it (but you can access the How To and Help).

After that, a Menu opens:

To add files and folders, just drag and drop them from the list ‘into’ the ‘safe’, and then click ‘Encrypt Now’ to protect your data:

Portability options for the Locker:

Editing options for the Locker:

To open an already made Locker, use the Open Locker option or just double-click the file in Explorer, then enter the password.

The contents of the Locker can be encrypted or locked (or both). To extract the files, use the Extract Data to… option in the upper right corner.

General Settings and Security options are simple and to the point:

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