Connect remote users to mission-critical UNIX applications

Attachmate Corporation released Reflection X Advantage 2.0, a multiplatform X server that connects remote Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac desktop users to graphical UNIX-based applications. Enhanced with Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) and Secure Shell (SSH) support, this solution boasts a new architecture designed to optimize performance for high-latency and low-bandwidth networks.

New enhancements and functionality include:

Access to the latest Linux desktops – Reflection X Advantage 2.0 allows users to display GNOME and KDE desktops from a Windows PC, a Mac OS X workstation or another Linux workstation. Desktop sessions can be suspended and resumed, or transferred to another workstation seamlessly.

“Beyond-the-building” access – Organizations can deliver core assets to users around the globe – without jeopardizing performance. A fault tolerance feature improves productivity by allowing users to recover X sessions that have been interrupted by workstation crashes or network outages. With high-latency and low-bandwidth optimization, the software gives remote users reliable access to X applications.

Project continuity – Today’s mobile workforce requires solutions that allow them to start a project in the office and then pick it up from a different location, collaborate with coworkers in other locations and share documents or application user interfaces in real time. With a distributed architecture, Reflection the solution allows X applications to be launched, suspended, resumed, transferred and shared.

High-level security – The software includes the latest SSH and SSL/TLS encryption with a cryptographic module validated for FIPS 140-2, one of the U.S. government’s top security standards.

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