Software security Assessment-as-a-Service

Ounce Labs announced its Assessment-as-a-Service (A3S) program for organizations that lack the internal resources needed to perform application security assessments in-house.

Working with a community of Certified Partners, Ounce Labs offers an assessment-as-a-service delivery model for evaluating security vulnerabilities that put critical applications at risk. With A3S, Ounce Labs offers customers application security insight that leverages minimum internal resources to create an appropriate framework for the assessment of targeted applications and a plan to prioritize and eliminate vulnerabilities, all delivered with hands-on expert remediation assistance.

By analyzing a single critical application, businesses can use the assessment results to extrapolate vulnerabilities in other critical applications across their entire application portfolio, thereby increasing the value of a single analysis.

The service can be delivered through Ounce or through one of the company’s Certified Partners. Pricing for a single application assessment sourced directly through Ounce is as follows:

  • 0-100K Lines of Code – $4,900
  • 100K – 250K Lines of Code – $7,900
  • 250K – 500K Lines of Code – $10,990
  • 500K+ Lines of Code – Custom pricing available.

Pricing varies by Certified Partner based on their specific additional services afforded.

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