Free backup and recovery software from GFI

GFI released a free version of its backup and recovery software called GFI Backup 2009 – Home Edition.

The software allows home users to keep regular and updated copies of all important files and safeguard data in case something goes wrong. This is GFI’s first release of a recovery product designed specifically for home users.

GFI Backup 2009 allows users to backup all their important files and, when needed, recover data within minutes using the product’s wizard-driven interface. It does not use a proprietary format – all data is saved to common ZIP files making it easy to restore data to a computer that may not have GFI Backup installed on it.

Data can be stored on nearly every storage device available such as internal or external hard disks, local area network (LAN) locations, CD/DVD media, removable media devices (USB sticks, memory sticks, flash memory, floppy disks, etc.) and remote locations using FTP with upload auto-resume. Data can also be protected with military-strength 256-bit AES strong encryption.

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